Saturday, 17 November 2018



Sierra & Sky is a local El Dorado County, California event and wedding planning business, thoroughly enamored with the community, outdoors adventures, arts, and small businesses located on the west slope of the Sierra Nevada mountains.

The Sierra & Sky website offers the opportunity see what’s going on locally, as well as in the central Sierra Nevada foothills and Sacramento region.  To that end, we host a Facebook page, El Dorado County LOCAL Events , which is very popular in keeping people up to date with what’s going on in the area.

To further expand event and volunteer opportunities, Sierra & Sky is now hosting an exciting new calendar system on its website.  We hope that you will input your events HERE (click on the + sign to Add an Event), and then you can post to Facebook or your other social networks from there.  When you post on our networked calendar, your event gets posted in approximately seven other calendars in the region – that’s eight calendars total! The more events that get posted, the more robust and user-friendly it will become. I love Grass Valley, but let’s see some more El Dorado County and nearby events getting posted.

We do accept formal or informal press releases for events and volunteer opportunities, as well as public service announcements.

You can support this exciting new community website by:

  • Inputting your events into our calendar system;
  • Recommending our website and Facebook page to your friends and family – we make it easy with social network integration like Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram buttons on posts;
  • Patronizing our advertisers, who help support this website;
  • Advertising on our website;
  • Using our wedding services, which include a secular/non-religious officiant; wedding floral design packages; floral DIY classes; and small wedding planning by visiting our wedding planning website;
  • Attending our fun DIY floral classes; and
  • Contributing articles and press releases (please use our contact form).

We are a sustainable business and our lifestyle is sustainable.  We encourage you to reduce, reuse, recycle, but to also refuse, repair, and rethink. Our personal goal is Zero Waste.

“What are the six Rs of Recycling? 1. Rethink how choices are made and question what the impact to social welfare, ecological integrity, and economic vitality during the product’s life cycle. 2. Refuse to use or purchase items that are not useful both in the short-term and long-term. 3. Reduce the number of items purchased especially if the items is an quick impulse. 4. Reuse items that can be sold again or used in some other way without changing the form of the item. 5. Repair items if they are torn or broken. 6. Recycle only after other options are not viable.” – on Pinterest. sustainability cycle sustainability cycle

Please contact us via our contact form if you have suggestions or comments.